DRI Sleeper excel

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The DRI Sleeper Excel is the original DRI Sleeper alarm and has been used successfully for decades by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to solve bedwetting.

  • Body-worn alarm with a plug-in sensor
  • Maximum alerting sound which is ideal for deep sleepers
  • The sensor can be used with pull-ups or diapers unlike clip-on sensors
  • 9 Sensing strips on each side of the sensor - maximum detection of urine
  • The Sensor is plastic - easy to clean and won't rust or corrode

The Excel is a wearable bedwetting alarm for children, it is attached by a clip to the shoulder of your child's pyjamas with a plug-in double-sided plastic sensor with 9 sensing strips on each side. This means superior moisture detection, which is good for boys who may wet in different areas, and because the sensor goes right inside the underwear it can be used with pull-ups and diapers, unlike alarms with the traditional clip-on sensors.

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Customer Reviews

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He is the happiest and proudest kid on earth. I'm still pinching myself.

My 7 year old son has NEVER been dry in his life. Every night he was SATURATED and leaked through pull ups through the bedding.

It was his decision to order his alarm from your website as he was desperate to be dry and 'normal'. We ordered the DRI Sleeper excel.

From the first night he was dry he has NEVER had an accident since. He raced around the house with joy, saying 'my brain has woken up, my brain has woken up!!!!'.

It's now 6 weeks since his first dry night. He is the happiest and proudest kid on earth. I'm still pinching myself that it worked. In reflection I wish I'd gotten the wireless version but it still did a great job.

Words can't express how this has changed our sons life and ours. We have given away all his pull ups and we are all well slept. I can't thank you enough.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. This will be very encouraging for other parents.
Sell my pull ups on eBay mommy

My daughter loves the alarm, she’s told me to 'sell my pull ups on eBay mommy'. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups...

Probably our favourite kids quote from all time!
he no longer needs to be 'different' from his friends

Since November we have had x2 slight wet nights (one of which he was staying at a different house) every other night Dry. We have a cured son and life has improved for him so much because he know longer needs to be 'different' from his friends.

Thank you so much for selling an amazing product that does work.. Should have brought this years ago.

Kind regards Stacey

Great effort! Congratulations on your success.

  • How to place the sensor

    • In a mini-pad
    • In between two pairs of underwear
    • In diapers/pull-ups
  • Flexible, moulded plastic, patented Urosensor™
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to clean and dry for instant re-use
    • No fiddly clips or domes that can break or damage
    • FDA, Health Canada & ARTG Registered
    • CE Mark (European Conformity)
    Sensing strips on both sides of the Urosensor™ For maximum urine detection
    Urosensor™ goes right inside the underpants

    Sensors with clips or domes onto the outside of the underwear can miss urine leakage, especially with boys, and not trigger the alarm.

    Best position for quick detection of urine leakage
    Urosensor™ can be inserted inside pull-ups or diapers Child can stay in diapers or pull-ups during training
    No metal contacts Doesn’t corrode or deteriorate in urine
    Urosensor™ dimensions:
    Sensor: 40 x 20 x 3mm (1.6 x 0.7 x 0.2 inches), Cord: 85cm (33 inches)
    Ideal size for maximum detection of urine
    Safety electronics

    The DRI Sleeper® excel uses 4 x 1.5V batteries so it uses only a tiny current. With just a few micro amps passing through the Urosensor™ for less than a second you can put the Urosensor™ on your tongue and trigger the alarm but you will feel nothing. Furthermore, most wired alarms have a current passing through the sensor the whole time the alarm is beeping which can cause the urine to become acidic and irritate sensitive skin. With the DRI Sleeper® excel Urosensor™ once the alarm triggers, the safety electronics isolate it and no more current passes through the Urosensor™.

    Completely safe and no risk of skin irritation
    Maximum alerting alarm
    • Alarm rings at around 98 decibels
    • Frequency of the alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear which is most effective for alerting the brain
    Alarm dimensions:
    57 x 41 x 14mm (2.25 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches), 30 grams
    Comfort. It is the lightest alarm available
    Comes with 4 x 1.5V LR44 ‘button’ batteries Will last up to a year and therefore shouldn’t need changing during the usual treatment period
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty