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The Book

One of the hardest jobs you will face is explaining to your child why they wet the bed. While there is a lot of information for parents and caregivers, there is very little available for children. The book 'Everything a child needs to know about bedwetting" covers that gap. This book is for children between 6 - 12 years of age and is written by Developmental Paediatrician, DR C R Yemula, a leading expert in Children's Bedwetting.

The Excel

The DRI Sleeper excel is a body-worn bedwetting alarm with a world-leading patented Urosensor. Simple and effective, the Excel is the original DRI Sleeper alarm and has been used successfully for decades by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to cure bedwetting. The alarm comes with one Urosensor and batteries.

The Excel's patented Urosensor detects moisture on both sides. The Urosensor connects to the alarm unit which is then attached to your child's night clothes with a clip.


Ideal for younger children

The Excel is ideal for young children who don't mind having the alarm attached to their night clothes where other people can see it. In fact, many kids think it is really cool and especially love to set the alarm off when we demonstrate this unit! The Excel is brightly coloured and appealing for a younger audience.


The Excel has a cable to connect the alarm and sensor, this means it is much more economical than our wireless alarm, the Eclipse as there are less complex components.

How does the alarm work?

Bedwetting alarms work by placing a sensor in the child’s underwear that sounds an alarm when a small amount of urine is released, waking the child up. Over time the child gradually learns to associate the sensation of a full bladder with the need to awaken and eventually the bladder reflex will function correctly and let your child sleep through the night.

A Plan for DRI Nights

You will also get our eBook 'A Plan for DRI Nights'. This is a comprehensive guide to help parents get the most out of their investment in a bedwetting alarm. This eBook contains important information on techniques such as priming & visualisation as well as a checklist to make sure you have all the tools you need.

Online Resource Kit
  • Personal Support from Karen Radford
  • 'A Plan for DRI Nights' eBook
  • Printable A3 Progress Chart
  • Priming Enhancement Tool audio
  • Support Knowledge Base

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