Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

Get bedwetting sorted quickly with our wireless bedwetting alarm and moisture sensor. The Eclipse is proven to work and easy to use.

  • For girls and boys from age 5 to 18. Kids love the bright colours and the small, comfortable, wireless moisture sensor.
  • Bedwetting alarms are the fastest way to solve bedwetting once and for all. When used as directed with night toilet training, up to 9 in 10 children stop bedwetting.
  • A great piece of technology. The thin, wireless moisture sensor is placed in a child’s underwear or diaper. The plastic-coated sensor means no skin irritations.
  • The wireless, battery-powered alarm (battery included) can be near the child or with a parent up to 35 feet (11 metres) away.
  • When the child wets, the alarm sounds. By waking when they wet, over time (weeks to months) children learn to notice a full bladder, wake and go to the bathroom. Free of bedwetting, children grow in confidence and the whole family benefits.

  • How to place the sensor

    • In between two pairs of underwear
    • In a mini-pad
    • In diapers/pull-ups
  • Two-part wireless system with NO wires
    • Urosensor transmits directly to the alarm avoiding the need for a separate transmitter  which the sensor has to be plugged into
    • No fiddly clips or domes that can break or damage
    • Easy, convenient and comfortable
    • Great for older children and restless sleepers
    Patented moulded plastic Urosensor
    • Easy to clean and dry for instant re-use
    • Sealed unit so urine cannot damage the electronics
    Urosensor goes right inside the underpants Best position for quick detection of urine leakage. Completely safe and no risk of skin irritation.
    Urosensorcan be inserted inside pull-ups or diapers Child can stay in diapers or pull-ups during training
    No metal contacts Doesn’t corrode or deteriorate in urine
    Urosensor dimensions 53 x 25 x 10mm (2.1 x 1.0 x 0.4 inches), 11 grams
    Ideal size for maximum detection of urine
    Safety wireless electronics The DRI Sleeper eclipse uses a 3V battery so it consumes only a tiny current. With just a few micro amps passing through the Urosensor™ for less than a second you can put the Urosensor™ on your tongue and trigger the alarm but you will feel nothing. Once it senses moisture the DRI Sleeper® eclipse Urosensor™ sends two low frequency transmissions of 1.4 seconds with a break of 0.3 seconds between them. It is safe because it is not the very high frequency of radio waves (microwave) that can cause damage through the heating of tissue, plus the transmission is very brief and not continuous.
    Urosensor can transmit to more than one alarm Parents / caregivers can have an alarm in their bedroom
    Maximum alerting alarm
    • Alarm rings at around 98 decibels
    • Frequency of the alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear which is most effective for alerting the brain
    Volume adjustment inside alarm unit Tamper-proof
    Alarm dimensions Light and compact - 70 x 40 x 20mm (2.8 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches), 30 grams
    Alarm comes with CR2354 ‘coin’ battery Will last for at least three months of nightly use triggering twice a night and therefore shouldn’t need changing during the normal treatment period
    Urosensor includes long life battery with special battery saving technology

    The reason why most other wireless alarms have a separate transmitter which the sensor must be plugged into is that the sensors cannot be sealed due to inadequate battery life. The battery in many wireless alarms has to be changed regularly, often at monthly intervals.

    • Urosensor shouldn’t need to be replaced during the normal treatment period
    • Battery will last at least a year if it is used nightly and triggers the alarm twice a night
  • Warranty

    The alarm comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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