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Hello Karen, Yes all received after the initial hick up with DPD, and i can confirm that this alarm has already worked after about 2 - 3 weeks usage! Can’t rate this highly enough and our 6 year old boy has basically gone from being wet every night (without fail) to now getting up on his own accord and going to the toilet in the night and being dry (pull up free!) in the morning! Even held wee in till the morning on a couple of occasions over last week! Incredibly effective product and will obviously be giving 5 stars on Amazon shortly (which says something as very rarely leave product reviews!)

Kind Regards


Cured!!!! Thank you. I was dubious as to whether it would really work. It took a while to persuade our 5y/o to try it as she was VERY attached to the night nappies. The first 2 weeks were very hard. Up every night. But I could see some small progress in the second week as she began to wake up. Week 3 a lot better. Week 4 we started having dry nights. We’ve only had one bed wet since she was dry and that was at 9pm and we think due to a bad dream. Now she gets up to go to the toilet or waits till morning. So happy. It was well worth the perseverance and all the extra washing. No more nappies for us! She still won’t give up the alarm yet, but that’s no issue. Thank you.

- Deborah

This, by far has been one of the best products that I have come across so far to help my son overcome his bed wetting problems. I am quite a skeptic and initially doubted that the alarm will be of any benefit but became a believer within 2 days of usage.! I will advise, however, that the child should be made to go to the toilet at least 2 times right before bed time and then made to wear the alarm. The alarm itself is so thin and light,  the child will hardly believe it's there. Moreover, it's so super sensitive so much that even body humidity will make it ring!* Using the alarm coupled with a reward chart, we have now been dry for a month now! My son is so happy and obviously so am I! Highly recommended alarm !!! Excellent value for money! 

- Huda

*Tip: Wrap sensor in toilet paper to prevent sweat triggering the alarm.

New Zealand

We have a cured son and life has improved for him so much because he no longer needs to be "different" from his friends. Thank you so much for selling an amazing product that does work. Should have bought this years ago.

- Stacey

Just wanted to let you know that our 7 year old was quite excited about the alarm and was completely dry after a few weeks! I have passed the alarm onto a friend now.

My partner and myself are both child psychologists and have been very
impressed with the alarm and will recommend to our friends and clients
without hesitation!


I'm pleased to report that Jim has been basically dry since April, the priming and the visualisation appeared to be the secondary keys to this. We had a few times over a month ago where he has started to wet and woken up and taken himself to the toilet.

Now every so often before bed, I ask him the question - where do we go to pee at night and he responds "The toilet".

- Melanie


Hi Karen

Thanks for the follow-up email on the DRI Sleeper alarm. It's going amazing, for the first 2-3 weeks we were having a couple alarms each night but then it went down to only one alarm at night and now our daughter is getting up and going to the toilet herself with no alarms going off all night or early morning!!! We are so over the moon and excited for her and it has given her such a sense of accomplishment too.

We are still using the alarm and will do so for a bit longer just to help train her and give her more confidence to finally take that step into using undies at night!!! We are also using the reward chart as well.

I recommend this product to everyone :-)

- Bronwyn

My 7 year old son has NEVER been dry in his life. Every night he was SATURATED and leaked through pull ups through the bedding.

It was his decision to order his alarm from your website as he was desperate to be dry and 'normal'. We ordered the DRI Sleeper excel

Week 1-2 Absolute hell. It was like having a newborn again. Up 3-4 times a night, racing to the toilet with a boy who was in a deep sleep. By the second week our boy was carefully cutting into sanitary pads (for his alarm), all lined up ready for the night ahead. He took full control of his treatment but we were exhausted. Twice we turned the device off overnight (without his knowledge) just to get some much needed sleep. He didn't remember many times despite using a cold cloth on his face and turning the lights on. By the second week I was over it. No improvement. I broke down at work....but was encouraged by a colleague who told me to keep going for at least 4 weeks. It felt like forever but we kept going.

Week 3-4 Only twice a night! I couldn't believe it. But still hard work. I was doubtful it would ever work. Then, out of the blue, he had a dry night!! Fluke? One off??? Then....

Week 5 - DRY!
Week 6 - DRY!
and so on and so on and so on!!!

From the first night he was dry he has NEVER had an accident since. He raced around the house with joy, saying 'my brain has woken up, my brain has woken up!!!!".

It's now 6 weeks since his first dry night. He is the happiest and proudest kid on earth. I'm still pinching myself
that it worked. In reflection I wish I'd gotten the wireless version but it still did a great job. 

Words can't express how this has changed our sons life and ours. We have given away all his pull ups and we are all well slept. I can't thank you enough.

- Debbi

We've been totally amazed at how the alarm has helped…after 8 years with possibly a handful of dry nights throughout that time, this has been an unbelievable turnaround.

- Louise

United Kingdom

You will be pleased to know that at last the alarm has been handed to me with the words 'I don't need this anymore'. She was 13 at the end of February so we start the teenage years with a clean sheet, literally! I dread to think how much I have spent over the years on pull ups but at times it seemed the only solution. Thanks again for all your help. I am happy to send the alarm back to you so you can help another fraught parent in the future.

– Ruth

I can't recommend this enough. My son was still wetting the bed at 8 years old. I had been told all children develop a hormone that stops bedwetting and they all develop it at different ages. However they should have developed it by the age of 8. So when he turned 8 and was still wetting the bed every single night, I was getting quite worried. I didn't want to get medical help because I didn't want him filled with drugs so decided to give this a go. We had previously used a wired alarm that he hated. This one is wireless so the base unit just sat on the floor next to his bed. This alarmed at a volume that woke us next door as well so we could get up with him. The sensor sits in their underwear. We bought some panty liners for women and cut the end off and slid the sensor inside and then stuck the sticky side of the sensor on the inside front of his pants. We decided to start this at the start of the summer holidays because we knew he would be up and down in the night and hence end up tired. As soon as there is a tiny dribble, the alarm goes off and it triggers the child to wake up and stop weeing when you can then take them to the toilet to finish their wee. This is not an overnight fix. This requires investment from both the child and the parent. After a few weeks he was still wet at night so I looked up advice online and it said even if they are still wetting but it is smaller amounts then it is working. This was the case with our son. We persevered and all of a sudden he was waking up on his own accord to go for a wee. After about 10 weeks of solid us we decided to take the alarm away. Still no accidents but one or two trips to the loo off his own back. Now 3 months from first using the alarm, he sleeps all night and hasn't had an accident since! From weeing so much at night that he was wetting through a pull, to sleeping all night with no accidents is quite frankly a miracle.

- Tiredmummy

Our daughter is 8 years old and we've struggled over the past few years to get her out of pull ups at night. As a last resort we tried this.

The dri sleeper arrived about 4 weeks ago and after about 10 nights she was dry. Since then it's been 15 nights and totally dry. Not one accident since then.

After 12 nights we stopped using the device and no problems at all so far.

The main problem was that she was such a deep sleeper that she never woke up. Now, she either doesn't seem to go whilst asleep or just gets up and goes.

Can't recommend this enough.

We just made inserts into the pull ups and wrapped the sensor in toilet paper. Seemed to work fine.

- D.S.

United States

After nine years of wet beds, my daughter is now dry every night. She has renewed confidence and is now enjoying sleepovers and camps she missed due to this problem. Your DRI Sleeper worked in 4 days! I wish I had found it earlier.

– N Waller

Sorry it's taken so long to reply,
but his sheets have been totally dry!!
The laundry has lessened.
His brain is trained.
Why did we wait?
Success was to be gained!
It worked so fast!
Wet sheets are the past!
Thank you Eclipse!!
It worked incredibly fast!!


- Alicia

My older kid was still wetting his bed when he was ~4 and we tried this - after I explained him that this is gonna help him wake up when he needs to pee at night, he was really cooperative, he really wanted to try it out - and in ~3 weeks he was waking up by himself to go the restroom at night. I had to help him wake up the first couple of times (he is a heavy sleeper and he wouldn't hear the alarm) but after 7-10 days he was able to wake up when the alarm rang to go the restroom. IT REALLY WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We thought it is expensive, but we were spending 45-55$/month on diapers and in less than a month this thing cured our kid, amazing !

- Todo


This alarm has changed our lives!! Our 10 year old son was becoming very disheartened and embarrassed because of his bedwetting. He loves sleepovers and hanging out with buddies so this was beginning to cause him to avoid any situation where he may feel self-conscious. He has been completely dry for 2 weeks now! He is so happy and his confidence is much better!

- Kathy

My daughter loves the alarm, she’s told me to “sell my pull ups on eBay mommy”. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups...

– Lydia Du Buisson

We are one week dry! He soaked last Saturday night but he and daddy arrived home around 2AM after a long drive home from a hockey tournie. Since then, he has been dry. We even had three nights of late sport activities in which he would have consumed large amounts of water. We have continued to prime him each night. Thank you so much for your continued support which is adding to his success!

– Sandra


My 10 year-old autistic son has been wanting to get out of nighttime nappies for so long but we just couldn't find a way to make it happen. It took just a few days of using your wonderful product to somehow stimulate the response in his body to wake when he needs to pee. He has been dry and accident-free for 4 months. Thank-you!

 - Sarah, Switzerland

Je ne manie pas suffisamment bien la langue anglaise pour avoir bien compris la marche à suivre, mais avec votre document en français, c'est chose faite, et je vous en remercie. Vraiment, votre produit fait des merveilles!

– Stéphanie Gasulla, France

We have used the DRI sleeper Eclipse on our 7 1/2 year old girl and it helped so much faster than we ever could imagine!

– Gry Galaasen, Norway

Hong Kong

Just want to share my daughter has got 30 consecutive dry nights. In connection to this, she is more confident overall. Her teachers also noticed.

Thank you so much for all your advice.

– Linda Choi

South Africa

This little machine has performed the miracle we have sought for so long. IT WORKS. Tanya had turned 9 and we tried DVAPP when she was 5 and again at 8 without any success. She's never had a dry night. Luckily we found a distributor in South Africa. First week was lots of wet linen, second week she pushed till 3am, third week she slept through and we did another to be safe. She’s happily sleeping through the night now and it has changed her world.THANK YOU for this product, I have recommended it to our Urologist to refer other parents to the DRI Sleeper.

- Mignon

Medical Professionals

I have no hesitation in recommending DRI Sleeper to parents whose children are enuretic, with the confident expectation that it will be of assistance. 

– Glen, Child Psychologist, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand

I am not aware of one case in which the method was not eventually successful. It is a safe, non threatening, highly acceptable and simply very successful concept.

– Dr J W Jerram MB ChB Dip Obst, Nelson, New Zealand

When I can change a child’s feelings of self esteem as easily as I can with a DRI Sleeper, I believe I can fully endorse a product. DRI Sleeper helps thousands of children and saves heaps of therapy.

– Dr Sylvia Rimm PhD, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

I am very glad, however, that I did the research to find DRI Sleeper. I am a doctor and our hospitals and outpatient units are using the mat with alarm attached to the pyjamas by wires to assist children with bedwetting I think the DRI Sleeper system is far superior (and the testimonials would suggest this too). In future, I can happily recommend DRI Sleeper as an alternative.

– Dr Penelope Willcoxson, Sydney, Australia

I confirm we have been thoroughly happy with the DRI Sleeper.

– Dr Leckie, Edinburgh, UK

I can recommend the DRI Sleeper as the treatment of choice for enuretic children over six years.

– Dr Seppo Simila, Oulu, Finland