Boys and Bedwetting

Between the ages of five and twelve 2/3 of bedwetters are boys.

Things to consider when treating boys:

Does he have any other symptoms?

Does he suffer from:

If the answer is YES, treat these symptoms first as this may also resolve the bedwetting.

Seek help from your GP or local enuresis clinic, if you need to.

When should I start night toilet training with my son?

Most children sleep through the night without going to the toilet by the age of 4.

If your son is older than this and wants to get out of diapers, start night toilet training.

With a pre-schooler, use waterproof bedding and let him sleep without diapers. If the wetness reduces each night keep going until full dryness is achieved. If he does not manage to become dry at night then discuss the option of using a bedwetting alarm to help train his mind to 'hear' the signal that the bladder sends when it is full, so he can respond before wetting the bed.

Support and encourage your son during the training process.

My school-age son is not bothered about his bedwetting, should I intervene?

Bedwetting has a spontaneous cure rate in 15% of bedwetters each year, so you could wait and see what happens.

However, by the time a child is 7 peer pressure can often lead to self-esteem issues. Also, many parents worry about the social opportunities that must be managed e.g. sleep-overs and school camps. In this case, the best approach may be to treat the bedwetting.

If your son is not worried about his bedwetting try to find an incentive. Reward Programmes are a great way of engaging your child in the process and a simple system, such as a sticker chart, may be all that is needed. If you set achievable goals your son is less likely to become disheartened if things don’t go perfectly to plan.

What are some of the considerations when using bedwetting alarms with boys?

Make Boys Bedwetting a thing of the past

Bedwetting alarms are the only proven method of curing bedwetting in children, permanently.

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