DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

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Eclipse Features:

  • For girls and boys from age 5. Kids love the bright colours and the small, comfortable, wireless moisture sensor.
  • Bedwetting alarms are the fastest way to solve bedwetting once and for all. When used as directed with night toilet training, up to 9 in 10 children stop bedwetting.
  • A great piece of technology. The thin, wireless moisture sensor is placed in a child’s underwear or diaper. The plastic-coated sensor means no skin irritations.
  • The wireless, battery-powered alarm (battery included) can be near the child or with a parent up to 35 feet (11 metres) away.
  • When the child wets, the alarm sounds. By waking when they wet, over time (weeks to months) children learn to notice a full bladder, wake and go to the bathroom. Free of bedwetting, children grow in confidence and the whole family benefits.

Our wireless bedwetting alarm and moisture sensor is proven to work and easy to use.

Who is it for? Boys and girls ages 5 and up, including deep sleepers and those on short-term medication. The plastic-coated moisture sensor avoids skin reactions.

How is it used? The moisture sensor is placed in the child's underwear or diaper. The alarm can be near the child, or with a parent up to 35 feet (11 metres) away. When the child wets, the alarm sounds. Our how-to-use guide included gives more directions, ideas and tips for your child to achieve dry nights.

Why does it work? It's simple -- our bedwetting alarm speeds up a child's learning. The alarm sounds every time they wet, so over time they learn to notice the feeling before the alarm sound: a full bladder. This full-bladder feeling will start to wake them, so they can go to the bathroom and not wet the bed. It really works: when used as directed with night toilet training, 9 in 10 children will stop bedwetting.

What's included? The two-piece wireless alarm and moisture sensor come with batteries, a how-to-use guide in English, Français, Español and Deutsch and a range of helpful online resources.

Free eBook included - 'A Plan for DRI Nights' 

A Plan for DRI Nights by Karen RadfordWritten by Karen Radford. A Plan for DRI Nights contains everything you need to know to help your child. We will email you a link after you purchase your alarm.

    Alarm Demonstration Video

    "we are absolutely thrilled with the results it achieved. Our son is so proud and delighted to be dry overnight. Can not wait to start our younger son with the alarm.
     – Penny, New Zealand

    Online Resource Kit
    • Personal Support from Karen Radford
    • 'A Plan for DRI Nights' eBook
    • Printable A3 Progress Chart
    • Priming Enhancement Tool audio
    • Support Knowledge Base

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