Hello, Britain! After serving customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for over 15 years via UK-based distributors, we are now adding a local presence via a new local website supported by local warehousing and shipping. This will give UK customers faster processing of their orders.

DRI Sleeper’s bedwetting alarms are medical quality devices and deliver a tried and true solution to children’s primary nocturnal enuresis along with the back-up and support to help you and your child on the journey to DRI nights.

The unique, patented Urosensors are made from conductive plastic so they are easy to clean, and they go right inside the underwear to capture the first drops of urine. The Eclipse alarm is the only 2-part wireless system which is great for restless sleepers and older children who may be embarrassed about having to use a body-worn alarm.

Curing bedwetting is a team effort and we are part of the bedwetting team. We have 35 years’ experience in treating bedwetting in children all around the world which we can apply to helping you and your child. So, if you need our support you can do this through the website or Facebook or by calling toll free (0800 141 3183).

We look forward to being and to helping your children overcome their nocturnal enuresis.

DRI Sleeper bed wetting alarms are used to treat Primary Nocturnal Enuresis.

Our Bedwetters' Beagle Watchdog stays on guard all night to help UK children become DRI Sleepers!